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Network Insight Delivers Peace of Mind

  • Tyler Detect deployed to detect network threats 24/7
  • Malicious behavior found and corrected immediately following deployment
  • Visibility into all network activity is increasing awareness and driving risk mitigation solutions

Tyler Detect has an immediate impact on Lowndes County’s cybersecurity program.

Advanced cyber threat detection cannot happen by algorithm alone. Cybercriminals can evade traditional defenses compromising an infrastructure within minutes or hours. Study after study shows it can take organizations weeks, even months or years, to uncover an intruder.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting

The Longer Arms of Privacy Laws

Privacy is difficult to define, much less protect. In the business realm, data privacy is still regularly confused with data security and the titles of those charged with safeguarding it for customers vary widely. Meanwhile, many organizations continue to collect as much personal data as they can, just because they can.

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Call and Response: IR in the Cloud

In the rush to the cloud, infosec professionals struggle to translate their existing security capabilities, controls, and processes to the new environment.  One of the last processes they adapt? Incident response, said Dave Shackleford, as he kicked-off his 2019 CyberCrime Symposium presentation. A primary reason, he said, is they can’t get the same real-time visibility into events that they could in their traditional environments.

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Cyber-Risk, Meet Cyber-Resilience

Some five years back, Don Anderson, CIO at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, sat down for the first time with the organization’s chief risk officer. As the IT head of one of the Fed’s 12 regional banks, he was there to provide input on risk, as part of an initiative to create an enterprise risk management framework.

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Topics: CyberCrime Symposium, Risk Management, Cloud Security

Info-Security Champs: Your Guide to the Cloud

For the first time in its 10-year history, the CyberCrime Symposium featured breakout sessions, a nod to past-audience requests for content tailored to different functional roles. The sessions, offered on both days of the event, comprised two separate tracks — one technical, the other on risk and compliance.

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Topics: CyberCrime Symposium, Cloud Security

Securing the Cloud Takes a Community

At his 2019 CyberCrime Symposium presentation, Jim Reavis saluted the audience for participating in the annual event, noting the high ratio of return attendees.

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Lessons from Our 2019 CyberCrime Symposium

For its 10th anniversary, the CyberCrime Symposium took to the cloud, where security still concerns, confuses and confounds info-sec pros. For this year’s event, sponsored by AWS, Tyler Cybersecurity put together a stellar lineup of speakers, who took the stage to discuss the high stakes of cybersecurity in a world taken with the cloud.    

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Topics: Cloud Security

How to Protect Your Organization from a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks can have devastating consequences for organizations. Downtime is often more detrimental than ransom costs. Recovery is expensive, and there is a significant cost in system disruption, emergency response, and reputation damage.

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Topics: Ransomware, Cybersecurity Awareness

Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack and How to Detect the Threat

Ransomware continues to be a significant threat to organizations of all sizes. Victims of an attack are denied access to their data. Many times, files are encrypted, and a ransom is demanded to restore access. If hit, the best-case scenario is that you have clean backups to restore your systems and can avoid paying the ransom.  However, downtime is often more detrimental than ransom costs. Recovery is expensive, and there is a significant cost in system downtime, emergency response, and reputation damage.

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5 Lessons Learned at our Ransomware Cybersecurity Summit

Local governments and school districts are falling victim to ransomware attacks with alarming frequency and devastating consequences. At any organization, having tools in place to improve cyber resilience is a necessity, especially as hackers get more sophisticated every day.

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