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Navigating a HIPAA Reporting Event when Hit with Ransomware

People responsible for cybersecurity in every industry are familiar with the scourge of ransomware. If hit, your organization could be exposed to some very serious regulatory consequences on top of the public embarrassment, technical costs, and financial losses from the incident. For Healthcare entities, HIPAA guidance on exposure of patient information can be very difficult to navigate. An important issue for Healthcare entities is, can they avoid triggering the Breach Notification Rule if hit with ransomware?

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Continuous PCI Compliance is Here

Everyone uses credit and debit cards (CC) to make purchases. It has become an expected form of financial transaction that is part of the economy around the world.  Those very convenient set of numbers on plastic are now being stored as data digits in our ‘virtual’ wallets - on websites like and on our phones in Android Pay and Apple Pay. CC numbers are attached to our subscription services for things like Netflix, iTunes, Dunkin Donuts, and Uber.  Today, businesses that do not accept credit cards post notices on their storefronts and at the cash register.  For a business with a virtual retail presence it is unheard of to not accept a CC.

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How to Manage your Electronic Connections when Changing Jobs

Today’s workplace for information technology folks is full of electronic threads into our personal and professional lives. The age of BYOD and 24/7 engagement is common among cyber and management professionals. It typically starts with email and messaging. Then it can move into RDP, VPN, Conferencing, Telephony, and more. When you change companies you need to take a few moments to think about those threads and how you manage them.

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