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Cyber Threat Detection - 5 Keys to Log Analysis Success [infographic]

Hackers are inventing new and increasingly sophisticated ways to break into corporate information systems, and companies must respond with more effective ways to protect their vital corporate information systems, networks, and data. Among the most reliable, accurate, and proactive tools in the security arsenal are the event and audit logs created by network devices.

Log analysis is the key to cyber threat detection. Here are 5 key elements your log analysis program should include to ensure success!


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analyzing-logsLearn how log analysis can help you protect your information assets and detect network threats.  Our informative Log Analysis Guide will walk you through the basics of log analysis - why it matters, what it can tell you, and how to do it. You’ll also learn about the five important aspects of a successful log analysis process.

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The Tyler Cybersecurity Lifecycle

Cybersecurity isn’t a destination.

Cybersecurity Lifecycle

There is no single, straight path that will get you to the point where you can say, “We did it! We’re 100% cyber-secure.”

A more realistic destination is cyber resiliency – the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, so you can withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Achieving cyber resilience depends on what we like to call the cybersecurity lifecycle – an ongoing cycle of interconnected elements that compliment and reinforce one another.

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