The Tyler Cybersecurity Lifecycle

Cybersecurity isn’t a destination.

Cybersecurity Lifecycle

There is no single, straight path that will get you to the point where you can say, “We did it! We’re 100% cyber-secure.”

A more realistic destination is cyber resiliency – the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, so you can withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Achieving cyber resilience depends on what we like to call the cybersecurity lifecycle – an ongoing cycle of interconnected elements that compliment and reinforce one another.

  • 1. Program Development
  • 2. Education & Training
  • 3. Cyber Assessment
  • 4. Advisory Services
  • 5. Threat Detection
  • 6. Network Forensics

1. Program Development

Program Development

An effective cybersecurity program needs to be approached strategically. It provides the big picture for how you will keep your organization at a desired security level. Governance, management, and a codified set of policies will serve as the program foundation and allow you to keep pace with a dynamic and evolving threat environment. Tyler takes a holistic approach that promotes cross-functional responsibilities across business disciplines.

Engage with Tyler to develop a new program or assess an existing one.

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2. Education & Training

Education & Training

Cybersecurity isn’t simply about technology. People and process are equally important components. Study after study cites people as the weakest link in cybersecurity defenses. Your organization will reap significant benefits from training users throughout their tenure. Use security awareness to remind people of appropriate behaviors and security training programs to teach them specific skills. Include security education, as well, to give them a foundation for making good decisions. All will serve to reinforce the message that cybersecurity is a multi-disciplinary responsibility shared throughout the organization.

Tyler offers a variety of education and training programs to make sure that your organization is prepared for evolving cybersecurity threats.

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3. Cyber Assessment

Cyber Assessment

Organizations should regularly audit their security measures and conduct tests to find out where they’re vulnerable. A cybersecurity services provider, like Tyler, is the optimal choice for providing an objective view of a security infrastructure.

Best practices call for independent testing for several reasons. Cybersecurity professionals have the latest, most sophisticated tools and techniques along with the most current information on successful exploits. Also, internal teams sometimes see things during tests that should trigger a response, but get ignored because they know the idiosyncrasies of their IT infrastructure — a common but dangerous mistake.

Determining the appropriate scope, methodology, and practical blend of automated vs. manual testing is a critical piece of an effective security program. With over a decade of experience, Tyler delivers concise, actionable findings and effective remediation recommendations. Plus, our knowledgeable security experts are available to interpret findings and support you on follow-up issues.

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4. Advisory Services

Advisory Services

An effective cybersecurity program includes a myriad of policies and procedures, encompassing risk assessment and management, regulatory and audit compliance, as well as business continuity planning. It is difficult and often overwhelming to keep up with regulations and best practices from a cybersecurity standpoint.

Tyler's cybersecurity advisors are immersed in cybersecurity and regularly support our nation’s critical infrastructure including, but not limited to, financial services, healthcare, utilities, higher education, and government agencies. We stay one step ahead by constantly researching information on the latest security breaches, advisories, and legislative updates so you can focus on your business goals and core competencies.

With Tyler advisory services, rest assured that your organization will be up-to-date on the latest requirements, best practices, and threat intelligence.

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5. Threat Detection

Threat Detection

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve in scope and sophistication. Are you prepared for the inevitable cybersecurity incident? Reliable and consistent network analysis is essential to determine when an incident occurs. The quicker that you detect it, the easier it will be to contain it.

Tyler Detect is a managed threat detection and log forensics service that gives you independent analysis of suspicious network activity from highly trained security experts. With Tyler Detect, you can be confident that you will consistently be able to detect network anomalies in order to prevent incidents from becoming breaches.

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6. Network Forensics

Network Forensics


If you experience a breach, our Forensics Retainer Program provides emergency response in the event forensic data collection and analysis is required. The subscription program includes remote evidence collection, investigation, analysis, and detailed forensic reporting.

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