Cybersecurity Training and Education Programs

People are the Center of Your Security Controls

Securing your data takes more than just technology. People and process are equally important. Study after study cites people as the weakest link in cybersecurity. Your organization will reap measurable benefits from training users throughout their tenure.

Use instructor-led cybersecurity awareness programs to teach employees appropriate behaviors and give them a foundation for making good decisions. Implement cybersecurity training programs to teach specific skills, and be sure to test those skills on a regular basis. Investment in training will serve to reinforce the message that cybersecurity is important and encourage employees to embrace their critical role in protecting sensitive information, and the organization itself.

Security Awareness Training for Employees and Customers

Whether you’re looking to give your staff concise, practical training that will help them implement best practices and follow company policy, or to simply increase the cybersecurity awareness of your employees or client base, you can benefit from one of Tyler Cybersecurity’s targeted training sessions.

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Executive Cybersecurity Readiness Program

Our Executive Cybersecurity Readiness Program is designed to prepare Executive Management and Boards of Directors to provide the best possible guidance and oversight. The objective of the program is to enhance your organization’s resilience and self-awareness in an environment of ever-increasing risk and sophisticated cyber-attacks. Executives and Board members need to know the state of the organization’s cybersecurity program, in relation to the most current information about the environment. The Program includes an Annual Board Briefing, Quarterly Webinars, a Cybersecurity Resilience Assessment, and a Cyber Incident Response Exercise.

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Cyber Incident Response Exercise

Being able to successfully respond to and manage a cyber-attack takes a comprehensive and rehearsed Incident Response program. Your team can practice and refine their skills with the Tyler Cybersecurity Incident Response Exercise.

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Cyber Forensics Readiness Program

Prepare Incident Responders and IT personnel to quickly and cost-effectively capture and maintain evidence in a forensically sound manner with the Cyber Forensics Readiness Program. The program includes an Evidence Handling Hands-On Training Seminar, Incidence Response Team Lunch and Learn, and Semi‐Annual Forensic Collection Exercise.

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