Tyler Detect Managed Threat Detection

Advanced threat detection, remediation advice, and compliance reporting across your entire environment, all without the need to invest in costly hardware devices or dedicated resources.

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Why Tyler Detect?

According to a recent Ponemon Institute report, 63% of organizations experienced at least one cyberattack in the past 12 months – and getting malware attacks under control continues to plague companies across all sectors. Tyler Detect offers all the features you need to overcome the challenges and confidently defend your network.

  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Incident Confirmation in Real-Time
  • Dedicated Support from Cybersecurity Experts
  • Remediation Advice & Forensic Support
  • Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
  • Light Deployment & Simple Support
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Advanced Threat Detection


Advanced threat detection cannot happen by algorithm alone. Cybercriminals can evade traditional defenses, compromising an infrastructure within minutes or hours. Study after study shows that it takes organizations weeks, even months, to uncover an intruder.

Tyler Detect combines human expertise with the latest threat intelligence and advanced data analytics to quickly and accurately detect threats across your entire environment, including Windows endpoints.

Learn why human intelligence is essential for accurate threat detection!

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Confirmation of Incident in Real-Time


With the increase in volume and sophistication of malware, automated systems aren't enough. That's why many studies show it takes about 170 days on average to detect a cyber-attack. The longer it takes to identify and contain a breach, the more it costs.

With security events streamed in real time and human experts investigating anomalies, Tyler Detect validates the breadth of an incident and delivers remediation recommendations within minutes.

Learn why AV software isn't enough for malware detection in our blog post.

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Support from Cybersecurity Experts

Cybersecurity Experts

It's no longer enough to rely on passive forms of threat detection. You need to proactively hunt for intrusions every day to catch issues quickly. This can be tough for security teams struggling with staffing shortages and overwhelmed by ever-expanding threats.

Tyler Detect analysts hunt for threats in your environment every day. We’re 100% focused on security and bring that expertise to your team. We develop familiarity with your environment and provide support and guidance with security findings.

Learn how extending your security team with Tyler Detect can benefit your organization.

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Incident Response & Forensic Support

Tyler Detect Incident Response & Forensic Support

Proper incident response is an integral part of your overall security policy and risk management mitigation strategy. When an incident occurs, you need to know how it happened, the extent of the damage, and how to correct it. 

When Tyler Detect confirms an incident, we can access to forensic-quality data to see exactly what’s going on. You are notified in minutes with exact details of what happened, which files are affected, and what you should do about it.

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Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Tyler Detect Regulatory Reporting

Log analysis isn't all about security. Analyzing audit logs is an integral part of complying with a number of IT security compliance standards, including GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI. The process is extremely time-consuming.

Tyler Detect keeps you in compliance. Daily reports, including alerts and remediation recommendations, are posted, archived, and searchable via a secure online portal, and summarized in a monthly report that auditors love!

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Light Deployment & Simple Support

Tyler Detect Light and Easy Deployment

With Tyler Detect, don't need to invest in costly hardware devices, software applications, or dedicated resources. Set-up is straightforward and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Our Tyler Detect team is so much more than just cybersecurity experts. We are trusted advisors and your go-to resource. Pick up the phone and a dedicated specialist will be there to provide support and answer questions.

Take a deep dive into Tyler Detect by requesting a guided demo!

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What does Tyler Detect Analyze?

Network Device Logs

Traditional thinking of maintaining adequate controls on ‘critical network devices’ isn’t stopping incidents or breaches from happening. Tyler Detect analyzes logs from VPNs, Web Servers, Authentication Servers and Devices, Windows Application Servers, SQL Databases, and Routers/Switches in order to get a holistic picture of your environment to detect, regardless of the entry point of the attacker.

Firewall Logs

Typical firewall monitoring involves signature-based detection, which can’t doesn’t catch everything! Denied firewall traffic doesn’t equate to a secure network. Tyler Detect analyzes firewall traffic to proactively detect both known and unknown threats.

Windows Endpoints

Most cyber-attacks start at an endpoint – many breaches are the result of a phishing attack – so analyzing endpoint data enables fast incident detection and response. With insight into your Windows endpoints, we can let you know if you’re infected, what was affected and when, plus exactly what to do about it within minutes.

Allowed Activity

Allowed network activity is not always authorized. Whether it is an unintentional oversight or a targeted attempt to leverage protected information, risk exposures are often introduced via allowed activity or an authorized connection from a third-party.  Tyler Detect reviews and reports on all administrative activity, so that you can be sure that they are legitimate… and approved.

What does Tyler Detect Identify?

  • malware.svg
  • exploits.svg
    Zero-day Exploits
  • ransomware.svg
  • threats.svg
    Insider Threats
  • compliance.svg
    Compliance Violations
  • activity.svg
    Errant Administrative Activity

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How Tyler Detect Works

Your network is under surveillance 24 / 7 and our team of cybersecurity experts hunt down threats in the vast cyber universe every day. Incidents are found and confirmed for you – and you receive remediation recommendations within minutes of an attack.

  • Contextual & Behavioral Analysis
  • Current Threat Intelligence
  • Data Aggregation & Advanced Analytics
  • Business-Specific Context & Security Intel

Contextual & Behavioral Analysis


With insight to your entire network, including all Windows endpoints, we examine behavioral attributes and place an activity in the appropriate context. This allows us to detect sophisticated and zero day threats, even those mimicking normal behavior.

Current Threat Intelligence

threat-intelligence.jpg With the dynamic pace of change in the external threat environment, keeping up-to-date is an on-going and time-consuming responsibility. Our security analysts are constantly combing the latest threat intelligence from a collection of public and private data repositories.

Data Aggregation & Advanced Analytics


Intelligence gained from working with a broad spectrum of industries allows us to detect new threats before automated tools even know they exist – and with heightened awareness by our cybersecurity experts compared to your internal team.

Business-Specific Context & Security Intel


Not every environment is the same. By developing a baseline of your network behavior over time, we minimize false positives and detect indicators of compromise quickly and accurately.

Meet the Tyler Detect Team

Most solutions that detect network threats are completely automated, so no one is actually watching what’s happening. Tyler Detect is entirely different. Here we have real security professionals hunting for threats every day.

Our Tyler Detect Team is so much more than just cybersecurity experts. They are trusted advisors and your go-to resource.

We are an extension of your team, and you can rely on us just like your other employees. Pick up the phone and a dedicated specialist will be there to provide support and answer questions.

"[Tyler Cybersecurity] has a team of consummate professionals who take the time to learn your environment and consistently communicate with you. Just today our Tyler Detect analyst reached out to us not once, but twice, to communicate some changes to our environment he noticed. You don’t get that level of care with an automated system."
Bret Yarrison, Director of IT Infrastructure RxAnte
"Tyler Detect's ability to identify potentially malicious actors provides a crucial piece that was missing from our internal monitoring process. Installation of the service was simple and the reports are easy to read. Tyler Detect has been a great addition to our cybersecurity program."
Garrett Henry, VP, Information Technology Officer Franklin Savings Bank
“With Tyler Detect, I feel like I have a team working around the clock to uncover all those things I didn’t know before.”
Mike Caffrey, IT Executive East Tennessee Governments
"I just don’t have the resources to stay up-to-date on the threat landscape and constantly tweak how we go about uncovering suspicious network activity... Tyler Detect functions as an extension of our team. The analysts provide a consistently excellent level of service, which allows us to feel confident in the analysis and support we receive through Tyler Detect."
Brian Stoughton, IT Security Engineer Massachusetts Medical Society

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