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Steps You Can Take Now Against CyberCrime

CyberCrime-Call-To-Action-1As fall approaches, all of us at Tyler Cybersecurity are getting excited for the upcoming 2015 CyberCrime Symposium being held November 5 - 6 in Portsmouth, NH. With registration open, it's a great opportunity to take a look back at some of the key takeaways from the 2014 Symposium - important tips that are still important to fighting cybercrime today!

If you didn't go looking for it, don't install it.
If you installed it, update it.
If you no longer need it, junk it.

-- Brian Krebs, Author of SPAM NATION and Editor,

The universe of threats may seem limitless, but nine out of ten of all breaches can be described by just nine basic patterns, drastically simplifying what we all must deal with to protect information assets.

-- Bob Rudis, Security Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Research & Innovation at Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Bitcoin is not just a currency. At its core, bitcoin offers a de-centralized secure time-stamped database that can form the root of a trust model.

-- Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Technologist

The best digital defense is your workforce. Train and educate EVERYONE to recognize the telltale signs of cyber-attack, both technical AND reputational.

-- Chris Dufour, Director White Canvas Group

Safeguard your personal information, whether it is on paper, online, or on your computers and mobile devices. Placing both extended fraud alerts and credit freezes on your credit reports can make it more difficult for an identity thief to open new accounts in your name.

-- SSA Matt O'Neill

Keys for mechanical locks should be treated like valuable personal information; do not loan or share them because they can be easily cloned, copied, and decoded. Mechanical keys for locks and credentials for program access are the same thing - they both should be treated as confidential information and protected.

-- Marc Weber Tobias, J.D.

A good password is one that is easy to remember, hard to guess, and impossible to brute force.

- Per Thorsheim, Founder, PasswordsCon

Threat feeds are information, not intelligence. When building a threat intelligence program the goal is to achieve preemptive intelligence. Be ahead of the threat, not behind.

- Lance James

Practiced incident response capability is the difference between success and failure.

- Sari Greene

The 2015 CyberCrime Symposium has an incredible line-up of industry experts, thought leaders, and security practitioners, including two esteemed journalists and authors - Kim Zetter (Countdown to Zero Day) and Shane Harris (@War).  Learn more about the CyberCrime Symposium at

No one is immune to cyber-attacks

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Cybersecurity Lifecycle

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