Cybersecurity Maturity Program

Partnering to Strengthen your Resilience

The external threat environment is dynamic. You need to prepare for and be able to adapt to these changing conditions, so you can withstand and recover rapidly from any disruption, whether from a ransomware attack or a natural disaster. Taking a holistic approach to your cybersecurity program and maturing it over time can help you achieve this state of resilience and minimize the likelihood your organization will suffer from disruption. Tyler’s program can provide you with a sensible path forward using an approach that supports your strategic business objectives and is consistent with your organization’s unique risk profile.

Maturing your Cybersecurity Program

Cybersecurity is made up of three important elements – people, process, and technology – and each must be factored into maturing your cybersecurity program.

Developing organizational competencies across security functions apart from just IT will serve to strengthen cybersecurity resiliency and ensure business continuity against a dynamic and evolving threat environment.

Tyler Cybersecurity Maturity Tiers

Maturing an arsenal of cybersecurity defenses will allow your organization to mitigate risk exposures and expand your program coverage. Progression through the tiers delivers an increasingly resilient security posture.

Regardless of maturity tier, continuous assessment and remediation is always necessary. Explore tier attributes of cybersecurity maturity across people, process, and technology in the following.


Cybersecurity Program Disciplines

Governance, Strategy, and Guidance

Governance, strategic management, and a codified set of policies is the foundation that allows you to stay resilient. Partnering with Tyler provides access to cybersecurity professionals who leverage proven methodologies and deliver oversight, guidance, and counsel.

  • Policies, Procedures, and Plans: Our cybersecurity professionals will collaborate with your team to assess your existing security practices, then help you expand and build on them strategically to create a comprehensive set of processes tailored to your specific business objectives and cybersecurity maturity goals.

  • Education and Training: Employees are your first line of defense against a cyberattack but can also your weakest link. Regular training will help encourage employees to embrace their critical role in protecting sensitive information and the organization itself. We offer a variety of targeted training sessions to support your needs.

  • Risk & Compliance Management: Assessing and managing risk requires a practiced methodology in order to drive calculations that inform decision-making. Our team can help you assess, prioritize, and manage your organization’s security risks, to reduce risk and enhance the security posture of your organization.

Testing and Assessment

Regular testing of your security controls allows you to substantiate effectiveness and uncover
vulnerabilities. Best practices call for independent testing. An impartial, third-party view delivers
efficient and uninfluenced results, plus the testing is performed by skilled experts with knowledge
of the latest tools and techniques.

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Routine scanning of your network allows you to identify
    known vulnerabilities and their severity level so you can take steps to prioritize and
    remediate. Tyler offers remote scanning and delivers an easy to navigate report with
    remediation recommendations.

  • Penetration Testing: Understanding how susceptible your network is to the exploits of
    a hacker is an important factor in risk mitigation. Our cybersecurity experts attempt to
    gain network access and then provide you with findings relative to network exposures
    that will help you prioritize mitigation and remediation efforts.

  • Social Engineering: Your people are the center of your security controls, so it’s
    important to make sure that your cybersecurity training is effective. Our social
    engineering phishing assessment identifies weaknesses that could allow attackers to
    target unsuspecting or uninformed employees.

Monitoring and Detection

All organizations should be prepared for the inevitable cybersecurity incident. Reliable and consistent analysis of your network traffic and endpoint activity is essential to determine when an incident occurs. The quicker that you detect it, the easier it will be to contain it.

  • Threat Detection: Tyler Detect is our managed threat detection and log forensics service that gives you independent analysis of your network activity from highly trained security experts. You are notified of suspicious activity within minutes, 24/7.

  • Network Forensics: In the event forensic data collection and analysis is required, we
    can help you with remote evidence collection, investigation, analysis, and detailed
    forensic reporting.

Program Benefits

Logical and holistic strategy will increase cyber resilience

Incorporating consistency into your security discipline at an expanding scope and scale can be a daunting task for any organization. Our program will provide you with a sensible path forward.

  • Approach supports your strategic business objectives
  • Action plan developed based on your organization’s unique risk profile

Tiered approached will not overwhelm your budget or available resource

Maturing an arsenal of cybersecurity defenses will allow your organization to mitigate risk exposures and expand your program coverage. Progression through the tiers delivers an increasingly resilient security posture.

  • Delivers a process of continuous assessment and remediation
  • Establishes the critical cybersecurity functions in your organization
  • Provides a framework to build upon as you advance your maturity

Strategic guidance and remediation tracking support ensure success

Optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your cybersecurity program requires regular management and reconciliation of the vulnerability and risk assessment findings of task-oriented program components.

  • Learn how to prioritize and assign remediation designations across functional domains
  • Understand how your testing and assessment findings translate to a remediation action plan

Continuous support from experts keep you on track

Cybersecurity expertise is a critical success factor for ensuring a cohesive and sensible program that demonstrates measurable progress with program maturity. Our specialized security team dedicated to the strategic implementation and execution of well-conceived cybersecurity programs that deliver contextual guidance and rely on a commitment and understanding across all levels of the organization.

  • Credentialed by internationally recognized organizations such as (ISC)2, the SANS Institute, and ISACA
  • Experience working with highly regulated public and private institutions
  • Program offers regular meetings with your cybersecurity advisor to check progress and ensure you are on track.
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The Tyler Cybersecurity Lifecycle

Cybersecurity isn’t a destination.

Cybersecurity Lifecycle

There is no single, straight path that will get you to the point where you can say, “We did it! We’re 100% cyber-secure.”

A more realistic destination is cyber resiliency – the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, so you can withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Achieving cyber resilience depends on what we like to call the cybersecurity lifecycle – an ongoing cycle of interconnected elements that compliment and reinforce one another.

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